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sorry i cant figure out how to make them bigger. i dont know why this keep happening. waaaah!

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I just got back from church so thought I'd post again since I realized I don't have any pictures.

Here area  few wedding pictures (Salt Lake Temple, of course):

Sure brings back great memories. I'm so luckey to have Stevey!
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Ok, so we'll see how this thing goes. I'll tell you about myself. I've been married to a my hubby Stevey for a little over a year now. We live in Albuquerque and love it here. It is hard to be away from my family, but I am happy to be on this adventure with my eternal mate. I have Alf, my little poodle, to keep my company when Stevey is away at work. Anyways I am just testing this now so we'll see if it works.
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